Automatic Washing Machine 9kg
June 17, 2016
Vertical Freezer 230 Liter NO-FROST
June 18, 2016
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Vertical Freezer 210 Liter NO-FROST

Colors: Silver
Consists: 4
Liter Capacity: 210
Dimensions: Width: 62 cm.
Depth: 67 cm.
Height: 124 cm
• Higher efficiency and less consumption of electricity. Class B
• Consists of four drawers to save
• Extra drawer to make ice cubes.
• Freezing rate:
• Digital Screen.
• Fast Freeze.
• Indicator for each drawer (information system) to indicator for each drawer an recommended shelf life
• Freezer body made of steel anti rust according to the standard specifications
• Compressor capacity watt at 23.3c (ASHRAE) =156
• Tropical hermetic compressor.
• Power supply 220v 50 Hz. +/10%
• Energy saving is conserved due to the insulation thickness which is 8:10 cm
• Monthly energy consumption 36 kwh/month
• Adjustable shelves
• Fan stops on opening the freezer door to keep cooling temperature inside and save energy.
• Alarm in the case left the door open.
• Fast freeze