Premiere 540 Liter NO-FROST
June 25, 2016
Premiere425 Liter NO-FROST
June 27, 2016
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Premiere 455 Liter NO-FROST

Colors: Silver – Steel
Golden brown – Black
Doors: 2
Liter Capacity: 455
Dimensions: Width: 74.5 cm.
Depth: 76.5 cm.
Height: 176 cm

• Higher efficiency and less consumption of electricity. Class (A)
• Strong door handles
• Glass shelves thermally treated for increasing load capacity
• A special drawer to make ice cubes in freezer
• Digital screen shows the actual cooling temperature inside the refrigerator and freezer
• Separate keys to control the degree of cooling Cab and freezer separately
• 3Carbon filters to remove bad odor from inside the refrigerator
• Rapid cooling property Power Freeze in the freezer up to -28 Celsius
• Automatic alarm in case of leaving the cabinet or freezer door opened for more than two minutes.
• Energy save Motor provides up to 30% of the energy consumed
• Streamlined design of the refrigerator, which gives a touch of splendor and
• Energy consumed 55 kw/month.
• Automatic adjustment of cooling inside the cabinet according to ambient temperature
• 4-wheel down the refrigerator for ease of movement in addition to 2 Riglash for balance
• Highest degree of cold where the freezer starts from -14 Celsius and up to -24 Celsius
• Memory to save the operating mode
• Child lock
• Full electronic control of all refrigerator functions.
• Thick insulation layer surrounding the refrigerator compartments which keeps the cooling inside without lose
• Group of ultra-violet bulbs directed to vegetable drawers for sterilization and longer vegetables reservation.
• Possibility of controlling the cooling inside the vegetable drawers through top sliding opening which are
opened and closed as desired.
• Multi air flow