Horizontal Electric Heater
August 23, 2016
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Gas Water Heater 10 LT

Colors: White – Silver
• Digital Screen to indicate the water temperature.
• Heat exchanger made of high quality pure copper.
• Internal Stainless steel pump plate for water sensor
• Summer / Winter switch
• Works effectively with the lowest water pressure
• 5 years Guarantee.
• Works automatically.

High sensitivity safety valve:

• Safety child lock
• Disconnects the heater, when the water temperature exceeds the
safety limit, reconnects it automatically, after the temperature decreases
• Cuts off the gas, when the flame is extinguished for any reason to
prevent leakage of gas
• Cuts off the gas, in the case the temperature reached its maximum
• Disconnects the heater, in case it is used for more than 20 minutes
continuously, automatically reconnects it
• Sensitive to high exhaust temperatures

Width Depth Height Exhaust
10 Liters 35 cm 20 cm 63 cm