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August 23, 2016
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August 23, 2016
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Electric Water Heater 65 LT

Colors: White

• Highest Efficiency and Least Consumption
of Electricity
Monthly consumption of energy is 68.7 KW/ hour
(20 days per month).
• Isolated by polyurethane
To maintain water temperature, achieving the
lowest electricity consumption.
• Enamel & Titanium Coated Drum
To prevent rust, corrosion, and salt resistance,
ensures pure water.
• Dual Thermostat
For automatic electric power off when the desired or
maximum temperatures are reached for safety purpose

• The Outer coat is electrostatically painted,
to provide rigidity and rust resistance, according
to international standards.
Leading to longer life time.
• Inner Magnesium Column
The heater is provided with anode column, which attracts
salts from water, to protect the internal tank parts from rust
and corrosion.
• The pressure difference between the water entry
pressure, and maximum pressure reached,
after the desired temperature accomplished,
is maintained between 1.5 bar: 2 bar.
Thus, Prevents high pressure within the body of the heater
and reduces the mechanical stresses on it leading
to longer life time.
It includes a safety valve releasing the extra pressure when
pressure of 8 bar is reached.
• Heat exchanger of high quality pure copper
To assure the safety usage of the heater at high
temperatures so it prolongs its life time.

• High density foam isolation
For energy saving.
• Safety valve
Allows water entry and prevents its exit. It has a slot leak,
which release water from time to time, in case the pressure
increased inside it, for more safety.
• Internal plate thickness of 1.6 mm
To maintain water temperature for longer times.
• The quality of the inner heater is one of the finest
Italian high efficiency types, that operates while,
immersed in water.
• The high quality electrical components and raw
materials used are made in Italy.
• Last adjusted settings are saved even if power cuts off.
• Heater Maintenance is very easy
• 5 years Guarantee


KEH65 Width: 49.5 cm. Depth: 50 cm. Height: 72 cm.